Santa Fe New Mexico And Its Very Unique Six Wonders Of The World!

When it comes to visiting the Southwest, Santa Fe New Mexico is the tops. It has always felt that the city's natural environment is a living embodiment of times gone by whose rich history is captured for those who love art and culture. Here are some of's favourite things to do and sights of interest, for the discerning.

The Plaza

The Plaza is located in the heart of the city and on these lands the foundation of Santa Fe New Mexico was built. Steeped in history, the area is a collage of galleries, museums, historic buildings, hotels and casinos. This is where it all started.

Canyon Road

After NYC, Santa Fe New Mexico, is the 2nd largest market in the States for art. Canyon Road takes the tourist through to the city's art hub on a historic journey up to the mountains through this old neighborhood immersed with art galleries.

Museum Hill

Four of the most interesting of the city's sixteen museums can be found at Museum Hill. The Wheelwright Museum Of The American Indian, The Museum of Indian Art & Culture, the Museum of International Folk Art, and The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art.

New Mexico Pueblos

The Pueblo Indian Tribes are part of the rich history of this area, and also the whole of New Mexico. These communities within close proximity to the city offer insights into life for its people both in the old and modern day era.

Palace Of The Governors Native American Vendors

The Palace of the Governors, the United States oldest public building, is the history museum of the state. Here, authentic high quality work is on display for purchase from dozens of artists and family members under the long entryway in front of the Palace.

St Francis Cathedral Basilica Of Assisi

Dominating the cityscape downtown is the St Francis Cathedral Basilica of Assisi. Standing out from the normal adobe architecture, this religious center is the home of La Conquistadora, the Santa Fe New Mexico Conqueror.

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