How About Casino Bowling At Isleta's Casino Resort, Albuquerque?

Casino Bowling? Big Rock can only imagine what stirs in the mind when presented with such an expression, no doubt all sorts. Not to fear, it's just the Isleta Resort in Albuquerque's way of trying to keep all the people happy all the time. How many resorts can there possibly be that amongst offering some of the finest casino games on the planet, with golf courses and spas to indulge in, also offer some light hearted activity in the form of their Casino Bowling?

The Isleta Fun Connection Casino Bowling is designed to keep all the bases fully covered. Their spacious air conditioned entertainment complex is close by the resort. Right by the bowling lanes there's a comfy lounge area with couches and big screens, well a little extra luxury never hurt anyone, did it?

As if that wasn't enough, to satisfy the fun seeker, a whole host of different games and promotions are thrown into the mix. Granted not as many as the different variants of Poker, but they do say a change is as good as a rest and here's the chance to do just that.

There are some classic arcade games on hand, billiard tables at the ready for a little light hearted hustling with the partner whose absolutely convinced she can beat her man at anything, and also a well-equipped drinks bar and snack bar all under the same roof.

Back to the world of the casino Bowling here at the Isleta, to track the players scores touch screen monitors record all the action as it develops. This allows the player to stay fully focussed on smashing the pins without having to perform any mathematical wizardry especially if they've had a drink or two!

As for the serious ten pin bowler, everything is as one would expect in a well-run state of the art establishment. We also recommend visiting Santa Claran, where fun activities are available all-year round.