Meet some Espanola low riders and learn to ride in style

Espanola, New Mexico is tagged as the world's low rider capital since it has the tradition of putting a spotlight on the cars as an element in their local culture and large population per capita. Along with the Espanola low riders are their bikes and cars on display as well as hot girls and car owners bragging about their wheels. Every year, there are a lot of splendid cars that will surely amaze you which can be seen at local shopping centres and Casinos and resorts.

For about a hundred years now, Espanola low riders are one of the top people to meet. Lowering cars until when they almost touch the ground and customizing them considerably trace its roots to paseo, a Mexican ritual that made horses the ultimate status symbol among the elite. Over the past decades, customizing stock cars and lowering them evolved greatly - from Mexico to Chicago until Los Angeles and throughout the world. During the 1940s, Espanola low riders only took to the streets only on Sundays. When they became more famous and grew in number, they were seen on the streets every day. These highly customized cars became the top choice for anybody who wished to catch the public's attention. Some enthusiasts started racing with these cars, which back in the day was illegal; nowadays, however, there are dedicated professional competitions all around America. Although not entirely popular with wider audiences, people still like to make predictions and wager money on potential winners. Jump over to this page and get access to risk-free online sports betting if you are a fan of lowrider car races.

George Barris was the first ever icon of low riders. By joining his passion for cars with his creativity, he was among the first people who developed the business of converting regular cars into lowered ones. Together with his brother Sam, they used their proficiency in vehicle body work to attach accessories, straighten fenders and pioneer paint patterns that weren't very common at that time. All creations that had the Barris brothers' signature were of high value, turning their company into a very lucrative business. George made use of his business acumen to introduce low riding in Hollywood, resulting to the use of such vehicles in numerous movies. Additionally, he became the top choice among Hollywood celebrities when they wanted to convert their rides.

Original enthusiasts of this art mainly used Chevrolet cars since they were more affordable compared to other brands during that time. These days, however, any brand or model can be great to convert. Modern customized cars now have hydraulics which enables the driver to make it tilt from one side to another. This tradition has come a long way from just being a practice on Sundays. Back in its early days, it doesn't cost much to transform your vehicle. Nowadays, you can easily spend several thousand dollars to make a jaw-dropping creation. The methods may be more modern and advanced but it doesn't change the madness that comes with meeting low riders.