Buffalo Thunder Casino Hotel Review

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Are you looking for the Best Casinos in New Mexico? This state in the United States is one of the most iconic places when it comes to relaxation and waging experience. It renders a beautiful and scenic view which encompasses the red-tinged land of the Chihuahuan Desert while you'll also be able to revel in the beauty of the Mountains of Sangre De Cristo. It's simply the place to be for many people who are looking for grand ways to spend their vacation. Spending your time on a brick and mortar betting establishment is a nice mix to your vacation but of course, every other aspect of the place should be able to satiate your criteria for an epic experience. Buffalo Thunder Casino Hotel located in the Buffalo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, will surely be able to get your criteria checklist filled up with glowing checks of approval.

The beauty of casinos in New Mexico is extremely exquisite, that when you pair it up with the scorching heat of the place, the desert and the mountains, you'll see as though it's a beautiful and heavenly oasis. The place has more to offer to you in a broad range of other aspects and once you learn more about it, you'll surely be convinced that it's a place worthy of including to your bucket list.

The Pueblo Culture

You may not have the slightest idea when you see that the place flaunts a Pueblo Style architecture and Culture. However, you'll surely be impressed as this style pertains to the historical and cultural architectural designs inspired from the Pueblo Native American Tribe of the past. This means that the area would surely exude a great and historical vibe, worthy of your Instagram feeds or keepsake photos that you'll treasure for times to come.

Not to mention, the place is not only inspired by such historical designs - there are even areas that you could visit, which are historical sites as well. This alone is something that would surely pique the interest of many people out there, and I know that even you too may have already gotten jumpy knowing the historical value of the place.

The Rooms

The rooms in this place is the original definition of luxury. It's simply breathtaking that you may not be able to find yourself willing to part with it when you need to go outside and tour around the area. The most prominent aspect you'll notice as soon as you enter the room is the 37-inch LCD Television of the place, large workspaces, surreal and heavenly furniture, pillows, mattresses, and a mind-blowing view that would allow you to revel in the beauty of the Countryside of New Mexico.

The rooms also come in various designs but if it's imperative to describe all of the - luxurious, elegant and sophisticated will surely fit them nicely. Your experience would be further completed when you go to the bathroom and see Peter Thomas Roth products for your bath and body needs.

Other Amenities

The game is simply coagulation of everything you dream of from a grand hotel and casino. There is exquisite buffalo thunder casino events like poker tournaments and alike, 3 Buffalo thunder golf courses, Native-American inspired spa treatments, and six restaurants ready to fill your appetites with scrumptious meals.

The Casino

Of course, looking over the waging establishment of the place is something that you should never leave out of the equation. Fortunately, you do not have anything to worry about because aside from being an exceptional hotel with the full deck of amenities of your dreams, the Buffalo Thunder Casino Hotel will surely awe you with its casino floor. The game floor of the place reaches an astounding size of up to 70,000 square feet, and this fits 1200 slots machines quite nicely. There are even poker rooms, table games, Racebook for dog and horse racing events and many more. The place also doesn't lack bonuses and promotions to boot, some of which can be used by regular visitors while some are provided exclusively to their club members.