Canadians and Jackpot City

Big Rock Casino knows that online gambling is something that is very popular among citizens/customers who are located in Canada. In the country, there is online casino gambling indeed, and much of it is that which is licensed and/or run by an individual provincial government. Well, at least that is one side of it. There is another side of it, for sure, and that is something that has been the subject of at least some controversy, from a political standpoint.

Here is the issue, and it is kind of a humorous one if you are an online gambling customer: the casinos that are run by the government entities operate as if they have a monopoly, or at least have until this point, but unless they are living under a rock they have to realize that there is a while world full of competitors, and they are located outside of the jurisdiction of any government agency. While it is true that profits from government-run gaming are supposed to be earmarked for public services, such as education, the major concern among consumers involves what products and services are going to be at their disposal, and how good they are.

As a result, it becomes very difficult for governments to compete with the privately-held operations that are located "offshore," because it is almost impossible for them to offer better deals. And it does indeed cause some frustration, because there is nothing included in Canadian Gaming law that provides for blocking these sites from Canadian citizens.

So it can be reasonably concluded that the best online gambling experiences for Canadians come from those casinos that are located elsewhere. And among those competitors, the best deal for Canadians is probably at Jackpot City (, a veteran operation that has years and years of doing things to make customers happy. That is one important edge they have on the Canadian provincial operations. And it has a residual effect.

For one thing, casinos offer incredible promotions and bonus offers. Jackpot City offers a very generous 100% match bonus on each if the first two deposits, and that gives players the opportunity to add an awful lot of funds to a real money account. When players sign up, they have a chance to play some of the greatest games in the world, primarily because they have been developed by Microgaming, which is the most well-known and well-respected online casino software producer in the world. Anyone who is interested in choosing from among over 400 different games, more than half of which are slots, will find that at Jackpot City Casino, but they won't be able to find such a thing at a government-sponsored casino in Canada.

When you are in a competitive environment, as Jackpot City is, you will also dedicate yourself to customer support as well as the reach that enables players from all over the world to participate. Jackpot City has support available 24 hours a day, and also presents its products in ten different languages. in other words, there is a package that is virtually impossible to duplicate for those who are pushing pencils in provincial capitals.