Casino Promotions at Jackpot City

Big Rock Casino knows there is absolutely no question that online casinos of all kinds understand the importance of offering promotions to their customers. This would seem to make all the sense in the world, because of the fact that there is so much in the way of competition out there in the gaming world. It has been proven that those gambling-related operations that are very aggressive and consistent are the ones that are going to meet with some success when it comes to not only acquiring customers, but retaining them as well. This is the secret to much of this - repeat business. Who cares about it? The answer to that question is very critical.

There tends to be an over-emphasis on the bonuses that come at the beginning of the relationship between the land-base casino and its customer. There is money that can be added to the real money account of an individual, with some achievable requirements for being able to redeem those benefits. But after the casino has "pulled in" the customer, as it were, what then? Is that the end of the promotional outreach? With some casinos that is indeed the case. However, the aggressive and forward-thinking operations will continue to make sure that players are satisfied with terrific opportunities to add some value to their gaming experience.

One of the shining examples of this is Jackpot City Casino, which is one of the busiest operations, and with good reason. Jackpot City offers players a deposit bonus that is available not just on the first deposit they make upon signing up, but also on the second one as well. Here is an example: let's say that you were to sign up with them with an initial deposit of $200. The Jackpot City bonus on the initial deposit is 100%, which means that it matches on a dollar-for-dollar basis. When that is redeemed, the player will then have $400 available in the account. On the second deposit, a 100% bonus is available up to $300, which means that the available bankroll can double and total up to $600, provided the wagering requirements are met. On top of that, you can also get no deposit bonus from to try the Jackpot City Casino for free, before you decide to deposit your own money.

So it is obvious that they care about a continuing relationship with the customer. They also have the best games imaginable for them to play, as they are powered by Microgaming which is known not only for having the best player options, but the widest variety. So it is common for customers to have access to over 400 games at their disposal at all times.

And on some of those games, Jackpot City conducts tournament action, which is considered to be a promotion of the highest order. There are a lot of people who, by their nature, like to compete with one another, and tournaments really get those competitive juiced flowing. No one does tournaments quite like Jackpot City, so you can expect that when you take part in a promotion like this, you will get credit toward VIP rewards, which is another promotions that encourages consistent play. Remember that when you are with a reliable Canadian online gambling site - that is, one that pays out its withdrawals in a timely fashion, and provides outstanding, 'round-the-clock customer service as well, kit encourages great loyalty, so one can even say, as to the people at the now-legendary Zappos online shoe and apparel store, that customer support is, in and of itself, a promotion as well.

The moral of the story? Well, be on the lookout for new offers for Canadians from Jackpot City!